Show Sanctioning Rules



2018 - 2019 Beef Shows desiring to be sanctioned by the Junior Nebraska Cattlemen (JNC) must abide by the following guidelines:

• List of Rules sent to every show manager

• Only one show per day within 120 miles will be sanctioned.

• Breeding Heifers must be born between Sept. 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018. Steers and Market Heifers must be born in 2018.

• Breed classes must be offered for steers and breeding heifers regardless of the number entered in a breed division. 
Breeding heifer classes will be broken according to age (ask for breakdown of ages if this is unfamiliar).


Sanctioned shows must offer:

There will be a top three breeding heifers and market animals picked on small shows, top five breeding heifers and
animals on medium size shows, and top seven breeding heifers and market animals on large shows. Market heifers are treated
as a breed of steers.
(The placing for the top awards will be selected only from the champions and reserve breed champions.)

All breeds will have there own representation in the final championship drive.
Simmental: 1/2 - 3/4's are percentages, above 3/4's are purebreds.
Chiangus: Registered Chiangus
Chianina: Any combination registered within the Chianina Association.
Maine Anjou: ¼- up to 3/4 is a Maintainer, ¾ and higher is a purebred
Gelbvieh: Balancer 3/8-up to 3/4, ¾ - and higher is a purebred
Other breeds that have separate qualifications, please check with the JNC before exhibiting and planning on points.

A Grand and Reserve Champion plus a 3rd on a small, 3rd, 4th and 5th on a medium, and 3rd through 7th on a large must be
selected from the breed division champions and reserves.

All the breed champions and reserve breed champions must show back for overall or no points will be awarded.


Requests for Sanctioning, an official show flyer and a $100 check for small and medium shows
and $200 for 150 head and larger shows.
(Show size will be determined by last year's numbers.  If this is the first year, then a $100 fee will be used until a number is established.)

  Junior Nebraska Cattlemen
Kelsey Stubbendick
1472 N. 28th Road 
Avoca, NE 68307
Home: 402-416-8888 •


• Sanctioned Shows are required to check registration papers on both breed steers and heifers, and it is suggested tattoos be checked on all breeding heifers at check-in to verify the animals are correctly entered.  Otherwise they must show in the Commercial Class.

• Market Heifers will show in one division.  No separate breed classes will be allowed.  They will be shown the same as another breed of steers.

• Official results must be sent to the Junior Nebraska Cattlemen president within 7 days of the show in order to receive the 50% refund of the sanctioning fee. Results may be given to a JNC advisor at the end of the show or emailed to

• State breed field days will not be sanctioned.

• Breeding Heifers must be born between Sept. 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018.
• Steers and Market Heifers must be born in 2018.
All JNC members must show their own animals unless they have 2 in the ring at the same time.

Any injuries/etc. must be declared to the JNC president and advisors before the start of any show for consideration awarding points.

Only show staff and judges are allowed in the show ring at anytime during a sanctioned show.  No points will be awarded to any exhibitor for the show if anyone other than the show staff or judge helps the JNC exhibitor