The following rules are to be followed by every
JNC member exhibiting livestock: 

•The JNC show season year begins November 1, 2017 and ends September  15, 2018. Breeding animals must be born between September 2016 and December 2017 & Market animals must to born in 2017. All animals must have breed papers to show in designated breed class


JNC members must be 8 but not past 22 years of age as of January 1. Full membership is given only to youth who are residents of Nebraska. Associate Membership is available to youth meeting the age guidelines but are not residents of the state of Nebraska. Associate members may attend all sanctioned shows, be on the membership list, receive the mailings and benefits, but will not accumulate points for exhibiting or be on the JNC Board.


• Every JNC member must exhibit a particular breed in at least three JNC Sanctioned shows in order to receive year-end livestock evaluation points for that particular breed. (Example – JNC member must show a market heifer at 3 different shows to receive market heifer points)


•Membership fees
a. Members are required to pay $30.00 annual membership fee.
b. The JNC show season year begins November 1, 2017 and ends September  15, 2018.
c. First time JNC members will receive a $5.00 discount off of the regular registration fee.
d. The membership fee and registration form must be given to a JNC board member prior to the end of registration of the sanctioned show to accumulate points at that show and shows that follow.
e. New members welcome at anytime during the year.


•At each show, JNC members receive points based on their placing. See “Point System Rules” from the web page for other options. In addition to possible placing points, each member will receive two points per animal shown for participation. For award purposes, JNC will count the eight highest point shows per JNC exhibitor. If a tie still exists, the next highest point show will be counted and so on.

a.  Each member will receive 2 points for each animal shown.
b.  Breed winners are figured on highest amount of points from 3 up to 8 shows and from 1 or 2 of the same animal in the same breed shown by the exhibitor.
c.  Overall winners are calculated from the points of any 2 animals within a category (breeding or market), shown by the exhibitor in up to 8 shows. If the exhibitor exhibits more than 2 breeds in a category, only points from
2 animals will be used. Overalls noted: Breeding-Market-Showmanship.
d.  Any ties for placings at year's end will be broken by figuring in the next highest show for those members tied.
e. There are 3 levels of shows debending on show size with corresponding points awarded. Levels are listed on the Point System link.


•If one JNC member exhibits multiple breeds, only the two highest placing breeds will qualify for the overall ranking at the end of the livestock evaluation season
a. In both the Market and Breeding Animal divisions, ONLY the top two animals per breed shown will be counted per breed. 


• Breeding animals must be registered in the name and/or immediate family name of the individual JNC member for points to be earned.


•Breeding animals must be born between September 2016 and December 2017.


•Market animals must to born in 2017 and have breed papers to show in designated breed class.


•A “Three strikes rule” will be enforced. This means that if exhibitor’s steer or heifer gets away three times during a particular class, the animal will be disqualified from his or her class and the exhibitor will not earn any points for that class.


•Any suggestions and/or complaints must be submitted in writing to the JNC President or advisors.


•Every member is required to conduct him/herself in a constructive manner, which will benefit him/herself and the JNC organization at all times.


•Those from general membership in JNC may not accrue points if assisting a show in any way.


•All JNC members must show their own animals unless they have 2 in the ring at the same time. Any injuries/etc. Must be declared to the JNC president and advisors before the start of any show for consideration awarding points. Ring man and judges are the only people allowed in the show ring at anytimeduring a sanctioned show, no points awarded to any exhibitor for the show dayis anyone other than the ring man or judge helps the JNC exhibitor.